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Are all Australian Telemarketing Companies the same?

Monday, May 20, 2013 Back

A Telemarketer will work the same 60 minutes and make the same number of calls regardless of which telemarketing company you partner with.  So what distinguishes one telemarketing company from another and why do companies have different levels of success? 

Obviously it’s more than just the telemarketer on the phone that determines the success of a telemarketing campaign.  We’ve listed below some of the support systems and processes that we use at FMG on a daily basis and why we believe they are vital to the quality of results we achieve for our clients.


Telemarketers face constant rejection and their work is highly repetitive.  So if they don’t feel valued and it’s not fun, they won’t take pride in their work and will become idle or disinterested.  Consequently productivity and the quality of work will suffer.

We have created a friendly and competitive culture where agents are empowered, they have fun and their results are celebrated.  We have invested in a strong and experienced management team to consistently provide support and motivation to our agents in their demanding roles.  Our fun and motivating culture allows us to attract and retain the highest quality sales agents.


If a telemarketer is left to their own devices after their initial training they will develop bad habits, miss opportunities and continually deliver mediocre results.

A programme of ongoing mentoring and training is required to develop the telemarketers’ skills and give them the most effective strategies to overcome objections, uncover hidden opportunities and engage the decision maker.  We provide a dedicated training resource for our telemarketers so that they get the highest quality results for our clients.

Quality Control (QC)

Every telemarketer can generate a sales lead.  But if the lead has no authority or intent to purchase your product or service, it will be a waste of time for your sales team.  It takes a highly skilled telemarketer to generate sales leads with high quality prospects who have the intent and capacity to make a buying decision.  Either lead will keep your sales team busy but only quality telemarketing will deliver a return on investment.

We have a stringent QC process to verify each lead so that only sales leads that meet your qualification criteria are passed to your sales team.  Our QC process guarantees our Telemarketers remain focused on generating quality sales leads rather than just quantity.

Performance Bonuses

Every Telemarketer will receive some level of incentive for producing results.  An incentive based only on volume of leads (especially Pay Per Lead models) will encourage the Telemarketer to produce a lead at any cost, resulting in low quality leads, poorly positioned prospects and devious tactics.  Not only wasting your sales team’s time but this approach risks damaging your company’s reputation.

We measure and report metrics by campaign and agent on an hourly basis to make sure that the performance of our Telemarketers is on target and celebrated.  We then use performance bonuses that are based on generating quality leads to ensure that ours Telemarketers stays focused on producing the best results for our clients.

Campaign Management

Getting the best campaign results requires consistent communication between the client and the Telemarketer.  As the Telemarketer’s primary function is to speak to prospects, anything that takes them away from this will reduce their time spent on the phone and will reduce results.

Our dedicated Campaign Managers’ sole responsibility is to be the liaison between our clients and our agents to ensure both parties have the information required to safeguard each campaign’s success.  Our Campaign Managers monitor agent performance for you and provide you with regular feedback and reporting. This means our performance is transparent without distracting our telemarketers from their primary function of making calls for you.

The above systems and processes require time, expertise and an investment in people, infrastructure and culture.  When you pay us for 60 minutes of a telemarketing time, you’re also getting the time of our management team, systems and processes which ensure the ongoing productivity and quality of our Telemarketers’ results.

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