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Client Spotlight - Veolia Water

Thursday, February 27, 2014 Back

Veolia Water creates complete water solutions for industrial and municipal market sectors. They are a world leader in building, managing, and operating water and wastewater treatment services.


In July 2013, Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies selected Forrest Marketing Group through a tender process to execute a pilot campaign to test our B2B lead generation capability.  The pilot required the achievement of agreed quantity and quality targets for new business appointments into Veolia’s Mining, Municipal, Healthcare, and Oil and Gas target markets. 

The pilot achieved and exceeded the quantity and quality targets, as well as cost-efficiency targets.  As a result, Veolia Water’s campaign has now been extended to a full year program for all 6 of Veolia Water’s target markets.

Campaign Strategy

The focus of the pilot campaign was to generate opportunities for Veolia Water’s BDM’s to speak to and meet with organisations that rely on clean water, and/or have a requirement to dispose of treated water in a safe, legal and environmentally friendly manner.

As Veolia Water provide customised and packaged solutions, in-depth training was provided to our agents to give them the tools and knowledge they needed to have the right level of conversation. Discussions around microbial infections, EPA regulations and water chemistry, for example, are common place when speaking to senior management at mines, hospitals or Councils about their water requirements.


The call list was focused on targeting selected industries to ensure the right organisations were being contacted. To generate a face to face or phone appointment, we needed to find organisations with water based projects (either upgrade plans, treatment requirements or water quality issues) planned within the next 2-3 years.  Additional qualification criteria included the level of decision maker the meeting was scheduled with and a minimum turnover.

Presentations & Results

In 2013, we conducted a total of 321 hours of telemarketing for Veolia Water and presented their solutions to 910 senior decision makers across Australia within their target markets. This resulted in a total of 97 qualified warm leads and meetings at a conversion rate of more than 10% of the businesses spoken to.

The expectations prior to the pilot campaign were that we would generate one appointment every 10 hours of calling on average. The pilot resulted in an average of 3.3 hours per appointment generated, more than 3 times faster than originally expected.

Veolia Water’s average sale value is upwards of $100,000 and can be millions so the potential return on investment is huge.

What next?

FMG have commenced a 12 month campaign to be carried out over the course of 2014. There are agreed targets and KPI’s for the year based around the number of opportunities created in each target industry and the size of those opportunities and both FMG and Veolia Water are confident that those targets will be met with 2014.


"In 2014, FMG is a crucial component of our top-of-funnel activities. FMG’s action-oriented culture suits us very well. FMG’s agents go beyond what is required to ensure we achieve the targets of number and quality of appointments required. Also, we like the flexibility of our Campaign Managers: our core business is not appointment generation, and our Campaign Managers (Owen and Gina) have often given us valuable advice regarding the design of our market segment campaigns." - Matt Featherstone, GM - Marketing and Lead Generation, Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies

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