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Monday, September 14, 2015 Back

After our 2 day sales conference we plan to share with you some of our learnings over future months as they are relevant not only in sales and work situations (which we will be applying to all of our campaigns), but also in our everyday life. 

Lesson one – don’t ignore the VAKOG

One of the key ‘take homes’ was based on Representation Systems and predicates, and explains how the human mind supposedly processes and stores information. For those interested this is a model based on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). The central idea of this model is that peoples’ experience is represented in the mind in sensorial terms – based on the 5 senses, and that each person has a "most highly valued" or ‘preferred’ representational system.

The five sense

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic
  • Olfactory
  • Gustotory

For example a person that most highly values their visual representation system is able to easily and vividly visualise things and has a tendency to do so in preference to creating or recreating an experience in terms of the other representational systems. They are also likely to use words and phrases that are indicative of this preferred representational system – so in addition are likely to use visual words such as "black", "clear", "spiral" and "image".

In gaining an understanding of the VAKOG it becomes easy to realise that people have different ways of making sense and describing their world. One of the easiest ways to discover someone’s ‘preferred’ representational system is simply to listen to the words they are using. As demonstrated in the cartoon below it is then important to talk to them in their language (i.e. their preferred representation system) to ensure they really understand what you are saying and you can gain the best connection with them.


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