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Creating Your Value Proposition and Building Credibility

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 Back

Each time a new client comes on board with FMG we begin with a strategy session and start off by asking:

What is your Value Proposition?
  • What is the tangible value that a client will get from using your product, service or solution?
  • What would give someone the confidence to switch to a new provider, product or solution with which they have no experience?
Now is a great time of year to get FMG to survey your clients for you to create your value proposition

We can ask them:

why they chose you, how they rate your services or products, would they recommend you, would they provide a testimonial

We can collect:

specific metrics to support your value proposition such as cost savings, efficiency improvements, profit margin gains, lead conversion rate improvements – anything that supports your claims!

Building credibility and creating a Value Proposition

Each year FMG calls each of our clients to ask them to participate in a survey designed to measure the effectiveness of our services. We have run this survey annually for the last 4 years and the results continue to speak for themselves. Not only does this survey help us ensure we are on track with what we promise to deliver (our Value Proposition), identify any issues clients might have (and fix them), and identify new opportunities with existing clients, it also provides us with the credibility to support this message – through client feedback.

‘The sales opportunities uncovered have a potential of more than $2 million per year’

‘Our growth using FMG to date has exceeded over $500k’

‘FMG set an appointment with 12.3% of all decision makers spoken to’

‘The ROI on our campaign has been over $8 for every dollar we’ve invested (that’s over 800%) and we have a sales team who are much more productive than they’ve ever been in the past’

Start the New Year with a defined Value Proposition and the credibility to back it up

December and January is a great time to survey your clients – we actually do it ourselves each year at this time as it is easiest time to connect with decision makers. Not only does it give us the chance to review our performance year on year (which was the original purpose), but it has also allowed us to fine-tune our Value Proposition and provided us with the proof to build our credibility and create a well-defined Elevator Pitch!

All you need to do is ask you clients!


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