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FMG Success - Finance Industry Spotlight

Tuesday, November 03, 2015 Back

Many businesses struggle to generate a consistent number of good quality sales leads that will enable them to achieve their revenue, profit and growth objectives. Businesses within the Finance industry are no different.

At FMG we can support your sales or business development team generate qualified sales, through generating leads, opening sales conversations and setting appointments. In the past year, we’ve uncovered sales opportunities that have resulted in millions of dollars of new business for our clients. Selling on the phone is all we do. We have the specialist expertise to help you begin a host of lucrative new business relationships.

FMG have worked on thousands of campaigns covering a wide range of industries, products and services. Finance is one area we have had plenty of experience in – from insurance providers, superannuation funds and managers, to banks, foreign exchange, direct debit providers and more.

In recent times FMG has worked for over 50 financial product and service providers. In total we have completed over 15,000 hours of calls for these clients with campaign outcomes ranging from face to face appointments, phone appointments as well as collecting information with regards to the prospects current situation.

Appointment setting for Elders – one of Australia’s largest regional and rural insurers

FMG have worked with Elders for a number of years and continues to do so. So far over 4,000 hours of calls have been completed, presenting this insurer to small business owners located in regional and rural areas across Australia.

Focusing on identifying businesses with insurance policies due for renewal within the next 4 months and aiming to generate face to face appointments, so far 2,368 face to face appointments have been booked, as well as phone appointments and ‘Stay in touches’ recorded for call backs to those with policies renewing at a later date. The sales opportunities uncovered have a potential of more than $2 million per year in premiums.

Appointment setting and locating lost super campaigns for Equip Super

FMG have worked with Equip Super for a number of years and continue to do so. So far over 2,700 hours of calls have been completed over a number of different campaigns. Originally approached by Equip to run a short term lead generation campaign to present their services to businesses in the large corporate space booking face to face appointments with organisations to review their current fund and provide a comparison.

Due to the success of this original campaign the appointment setting campaign has continued – running for over 2 years and with over 280 face to face appointments booked with new prospects. As well as appointment setting, FMG have also worked on a secondary campaign calling individuals assisting in locating lost super. Over 700 hours were completed on this campaign with 390 individuals requesting assistance in looking into lost super for them.

Leading provider of secure online payment solutions

Our client is a leading provider of solutions helping businesses regain control of their cash flow through the use of secure online payment solutions. With solutions targeted at specific industries including childcare, fitness, education, accountancy and charities, FMG was approached to initially run an appointment setting campaign with businesses within these targeted industries.

 With a campaign targeting the fitness industry still in progress, FMG have so far made 100 hours of phone calls and booked 58 appointments as well as recorded an additional 46 ‘Stay in touches’ for those not interested right now but happy to be contacted in the future – a pipeline our client is very happy with.

A secondary campaign has recently commenced, surveying existing customers to gain a better understanding of their business. Asking questions around business management solutions and accounting software solutions our client is gaining further insights to assist in their new product/service development. So far FMG has completed an additional 84 hours on this survey campaign and had over 340 surveys completed with 27 of these requesting further follow up from a sales person.

Lead Generation as well as Lead Nurturing for one of the world’s largest Insurance brokers

Our client is a world leading insurance broker focusing on designing insurance and risk programmes for businesses to ensure their business risks are aligned to insurance needs and that the premiums and coverage are the best available in the market.

FMG was approached to assist with a lead generation campaign with the aim of making face to face appointments to discuss business risks. Due to the success of this initial lead generation campaign FMG has continued working on lead generation activities as well as also commencing a lead nurturing campaign for this client, updating contact and current policy details for those prospects with no immediate insurance need.

So far FMG has competed over 1,300 hours on various campaigns and generated 125 face to face appointments as well as updating prosects details directly in the clients CRM system – ensuring the records of thousands of prospects are up to date with accurate information.

Hear what our customers have to say

‘As a business we were keen to engage with a telemarketing company to enable us to improve our new business growth strategies. FMG were a perfect fit for us. The team were a delight to work with from the start of the engagement. Feedback from clients was extremely positive and they were pleasantly surprised with their communication with FMG.

We are experiencing excellent conversion rates of the appointments provided by FMG, approximately 30% of those quoted are converting to new business. We are also experiencing higher average premium through the great personal touch delivered by FMG’

Elders Insurance

‘We initially gave FMG a six week assignment to generate new business leads in the large corporate space.

Our expectations for the number of appointments have been smashed and we are now into our second year with them, with pretty much the same representative working on our account for the whole period.

They are easy to deal with and have become an invaluable extension of our sales effort.’

Equip Super


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