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Generating B2B sales using telemarketing - In a nutshell

Monday, July 10, 2017 Back
Using the phone to generate leads and appointments can be hard.

If you do need to generate more sales leads, here are a few tips from Owen Richards the MD of our sister Comapny Air Marketing in the UK on how to make sales calls more enjoyable and successful

Fish in the right pond.

Use good quality data and define the company size, industries and decision maker you should be targeting.
Be prepared to spend money on accurate data.
It can make all the difference and it will reduce your wasted calls.

Tone of voice is vital.

Be relaxed, assertive and confident.
Take the 'sales pitch' out of your approach.
People buy from people they like, so let them like you, and be yourself.

Don't start a conversation with "how are you today?"

If you do, you'll be on the back foot because it just screams 'sales call'.

The objective of your calls should be to establish if there's a fit between what you have to offer and your prospect's needs.

Ask open questions about their situation to uncover pain, a need or an opportunity, and unless you're able to uncover one or more of these, don't try to set an appointment or sell.
Your services won't be right for everyone.

Differentiate yourself - say something different.

Get away from the traditional 'sales script' and if your competitors are using a message, avoid it.

Your prospects have heard it all before and, they're smart business people.
Give them the respect they deserve and try to have a real, two way conversation with them.

Put time aside to focus on your calls, without distractions.

Momentum is important.
Set targets and measure your progress.
Typically, you should be making an average of fifteen to twenty calls and speaking with three to five decision makers in an hour.

And don't be surprised if you need to speak to twenty people before one person says yes.

Finally, be the expert.

Be positive and keep your chin up.
If you can be successful making cold calls, you're in the minority, so give yourself a pat on the back.

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