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What should you do with your lead generation over December and January?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 Back

Many clients assume that it is just not worth making sales calls during December and January as everyone is away or they won’t be receptive at this time of year.

If you adopt this strategy you are effectively writing off 2 months of the year.  You’ve worked hard all year to achieve your current pipeline of sales opportunities and you’ve got targets to hit by the end of the financial year.  So writing off 2 months would only be the right strategy if it was proven to produce little return.

Based on our 8 years of experience and monitoring metrics and outcomes we know conclusively that December and January are two of the best months of the year for generating new sales leads.

So what makes it a good time to be generating leads?

  • Business is quieter – most businesses only shut down for a two week period over Christmas and New Year but business is generally quieter throughout December and January which means decision makers are more relaxed and open to exploring new opportunities or solutions.
  • Your competitors aren’t doing it - the phones are ringing less so there are fewer distractions competing for the time and attention of the people you need to speak with.

How can we be so confident that this is the best time to be generating sales leads?

  • Higher conversion rates – yes, it is true that our contact rates are lower over this period but our conversion rates are 60% higher on average.  In other words, it takes fewer conversations to generate each new sales opportunity.
  • Lower cost per lead – on average last year we generated 14% more sales leads per hour compared to our average across the rest of the year.  So you could have 14% more leads for the same cost.
  • Increased sales - our clients reported earlier this year that they closed a significantly higher number of sales from the leads and activity generated by our agents for them during the previous December and January period.

So, what’s our advice?  Don’t leave your sales pipeline to dwindle over Christmas.  The best strategy is to run your lead generation efforts throughout December and January, only pausing for the standard two week shut down period.

Here at Forrest Marketing Group, we’re lead generation experts. Contact us today to discuss the best strategy to ensure you return in 2015 with sales pipeline full of opportunities.

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