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Professional Telemarketing ... an oxymoron?

Monday, September 09, 2013 Back

Two terms that are sometimes seemingly just thrown together.  Many would ask is there such a thing?  Absolutely!   And in a business to business environment, it’s imperative your telemarketing activities are conducted by professionals, otherwise that contact is simply a wasted opportunity and detrimental to your brand.

Telemarketing as an activity for your business development managers or sales people is, no doubt, their least favourite.  It’s necessary, process driven and disliked.  And because many of the contacts are ‘cold’,   there’s not a lot that’s warm and fuzzy for your sales people.  All the things they dislike in one important part of their job role.

Telemarketing has developed a poor image in recent years.  Because it’s a role not liked by many, the industry is more transient.  It’s considered a holding job for people between others, or a role for those on the move.  It’s hard to develop consistency or longevity in a team because of this perception.  Compounding this is the large number of telemarketing positions being off-shored, which adds another contentious dimension again.

Here at FMG, we consider the purpose of the role as important.  And we treat our team as professionals, because they are.  They feel connected to your product and your brand.  They are skilled at managing outcomes.  They are adept at driving the process.  They are articulate.  They come from a business environment, so they understand how to uncover opportunities.  They fulfil a business need and because they get great results, they feel valued – not just by our team, but our clients.  

Professional Telemarketing – not an oxymoron, but a valued necessity.  

Kristen Gallacher

Sales Executive

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