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Secrets to building your sales pipeline

Monday, June 22, 2015 Back

Most clients want us to generate leads for them, making either face to face or phone appointments for them. But for those contacts we call who are not interested in your product or service right now, did you know we can also nurture these leads and look after your future pipeline.

By nurturing leads we can keep a record of all those potential clients who are not interested today, but would like to be followed up at a future point in time – helping to create or maintain a future sales pipeline. This can be just as valuable as setting up appointments today and is something to also consider when planning a telemarketing campaign.

But don’t just listen to us. Salesforce have created an e-book outlining the 5 secrets to building your sales pipeline with a number of the key take home points of the book supporting the use of telemarketing as a key component. Some of the highlights are below

Commit to Specialising Your Sales Department

There’s an old expression, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Yet in the sales world, generating pipeline is often seen as the job of the same people responsible for closing deals. But to be most effective, sales efforts should be handled by specialised, focused teams:

Sales Development - Consisting of outbound and inbound reps, they’re solely responsible for bringing in and handing off qualified leads.

Field Sales Reps or Account Executives - These are your closers, and they should be focused on making sales, not prospecting and generating pipeline.

Account Managers - They specialise in nurturing and growing revenues once the AE has closed the deal.

Invest in Outbound Prospectors

Outbound prospectors sole focus is prospecting. But they’re hardly cold callers—at least they aren’t if they follow some best practices. Outbound prospectors need to be prepared before contact is even attempted.

Invest in an Outbound Lead Qualifying team

This team’s primary role is to qualify leads that are coming in from marketing programs, like advertising, trade shows or PR.
Because, let’s face it, what comes back from those efforts is often of limited quality. But once again, it shouldn’t be the job of field sales reps or account executives to sift through those unqualified leads. They need to focus on closing deals. The goal is to create an end-to end funnel with the mass of names and contact info going into the big end, and a steady stream of qualified leads dropping into the sales teams’ anxious hands on the small end.

The complete e-book can be found here

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