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2013 FMG Telemarketing Survey Results

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Back

We’re often asked by prospective clients, what results we will be able to achieve for them from a lead generation campaign.  In particular they want an indication of the likely sales opportunities we can generate so they can calculate their return on investment. 

Results vary dramatically between campaigns depending on who we are targeting and the product or service we are representing.   Most telemarketing companies are still just measuring productivity and engagement metrics such as phone calls per hour and appointments set per hour.  While these metrics can be useful leading indicators and can be used for performance targets and evaluation, they do not take into consideration the whole point for generating leads which is to generate sales and increase revenue.

At Forrest Marketing Group we use both productivity metrics and our clients’ actual sales results to measure the success of what we do.

Each year we survey the clients we worked for throughout the year to report the sales and revenue that they generated from our telemarketing campaigns so we can give prospective clients reassurance that our campaigns deliver sales results.

2013 Client Survey Results

A total of 7,788 hours of telemarketing was completed for the 36 clients who participated in this year’s survey.

Campaign metrics (Figures from Forrest Marketing Group)

  • 2,333 qualified appointments were generated
  • A qualified appointment was set every 3.33 hours
  • The average cost per qualified appointment was $249.75

Actual Sales results (Figures from clients)

  • 243 qualified appointments have turned into new sales so far
  • 1 in 9.6 qualified appointments resulted in a sale
  • $8.1 million has been generated in new sales revenue so far
  • Average sales value was $33,333
  • Average telemarketing cost per acquisition was $2,397
  • Sales revenue of $13.90 was generated for every $1 spent with FMG

Projected Sales expected to close 2014 (Figures from clients)

  • An additional 180 qualified leads are expected to turn into sales during 2014
  • Additional sales revenue expected from these leads during 2014 is $6 million

Total Sales Results including 2014 Projections (Figures from clients)

  • 1 in 5.5 qualified appointments will have resulted in a sale
  • Total sales revenue is projected to exceed $14.1 million
  • Actual and projected sales revenue will be $24.20 for every $1 spent with Forrest Marketing Group

We have run our survey every year for the last three years and the results continue to speak for themselves.  In total our clients reported closed business at the point of survey each year of over $22 million, giving an average of $15.40 in revenue for every $1 spent with Forrest Marketing Group.

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