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The Magic Question

Monday, September 14, 2015 Back

The FMG team spent 2 days at the end of July at our annual sales conference, facilitated by Alistair Horscroft. Two days were spent polishing our existing skills, learning new strategies and being entertained by Alistair's extraordinary insight into the nature of humans, ‘how we tick’ and how we can use all of this in our sales conversations to generate the optimum outcomes. Not only was this an amazing learning experience but also a great opportunity to strengthen our team away from the office.

We plan to share with you some of our learnings over future months as they are relevant not only in sales and business relationships (which we will be applying to all of our campaigns), but also in our everyday life.

Lesson One – The Magic Question

Sales people often prefer to hear ‘Maybe’ than getting to a ‘No’, with initial sales conversations concluding with ‘I need to run this by X’, or ‘We will think it over and be in touch’. It is easier for a sales person to mark the prospect down as possibly using the organisations products or services in the future than saying they don’t qualify at all. But wouldn’t you rather not waste your time and effort on a prospect that never really had any intention of buying your product or service?

Go for the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ early and ask the tough questions. Take control and find out whether your prospect qualifies by specifically understanding their personal challenges or pains, budget as well as decision making process.

Ask questions and take control of the conversation – ensure the prospect feels they are in expert hands and being guided through the next steps.

Make sure you understand all the qualifiers – The prospects personal challenges or pains (what has been going, on, how long has this been happening for, how does it make you feel, and what have you done to change this?) but also find out about whether they have budget as well as who will be making the final decision, how and when.

Each question along the way allows you to gain agreement from the prospect before moving on. Communication is only as successful as the last agreement – so it is crucial to ask questions where you will get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.  And this is where they Magic Question comes in. Should you reach a stage where there is a ‘No’ then ask ‘What needs to happen to make it happen?’ By asking this question you will find out the real reason behind their answer and provide direction as to what to do next. It is hear you can decide whether to move on or bow out of there is not a fit.

By focusing on the Yes and No you can find out the real intent of wishy-washy statements.  This avoids you wasting precious time, energy and other company resources chasing phantom opportunities.

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