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What does a telemarketer look like?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Back

When you think of a telemarketer, what image comes to mind? Perhaps one of these options…

Option A: The in-house telemarketer - a few desks rustled together and put in a corner of the office.  The poor sods will be distracting themselves with paperwork and facebook, and sporadically making calls.  They are wondering how long it will be before they find a ‘real job’ or get promoted into a more interesting role.  No one wants to spend much time training them for fear of having to get on the phones to show them how it’s done.  Their work is fairly monotonous as they probably have just one script and product to talk about.

Option B: The work from home telemarketer – these lucky people have been able to convince an employer that effective telemarketing can be performed from the comfort of a home office or lounge room.  There is a good chance they haven’t made it out of their pj’s.  Thoughts such as ‘maybe I’ll put a quick load of washing on’ or ‘maybe I’ll cook a few meals for the week’ come to mind. Without close supervision they get easily distracted and unmotivated.  The last 2 hours of the day are usually spent in a frantic whir of phone calls, trying to fill the quota of minimum calls expected.

Option C: The professional telemarketer – this telemarketer works as part of a team.  They are provided ongoing training and support by a motivating leader.  There are a variety of campaigns to work on and so they stay interested and upbeat.  They've been provided with the skills and strategies to get results so don't feel dejected.   They're not thinking of looking for another job because they enjoy the friendly competition and feel rewarded.

It's important to make the right choice when employing a telemarketer to boost your business.  Think about what results you’d like to achieve, and that will help you decide what you need your telemarketer to look like!

Barbara Freeman

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