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Mark Streeter from Streeterlaw shares his experience of running a successful marketing campaign with FMG

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Connect With Prospective Clients

“Up to 95% of prospects will leak out of your sales pipeline while your sales team are concentrating on their hot prospects, but 70% of these “leaked” prospects will buy at some point in the future.”

There are many reasons for connecting with sales prospects, including communicating or following up on a marketing message, inviting them to an event or webinar, requalification of their needs or conducting market research. 

Correspondence sent by mail or email can be easily missed or forgotten. Follow up phone calls will increase response rates by up to 12 times.

Every phone call is also an opportunity to update contact information, uncover sales opportunities and build brand awareness. Prospect clients can be re-categorised according to where they now fit in your sales cycle.

Maintaining an accurate database reduces leaked prospects and maximises your marketing efforts. 

Communicate a Marketing Message

We can contact your prospect list before or after a marketing piece is sent to increase response rates, deliver an important product update or promote a new offer. Every phone call reinforces your marketing message and brand awareness.

Event Invitations

Event invitations sent by email or mail are easily missed or ignored and often do not reach the right decision maker. Our proven event follow-up process overcomes this, maximising attendance to your event and minimising last minute dropouts.

Lead Qualification

After an exhibition or conference, sales teams rarely get the time to contact every new lead. Prompt follow up ensures leads stay warm. Our professional agents can contact all your leads promptly, qualifying and prioritising them for your sales team to action and ensuring that sales opportunities are not missed. This frees up your sales team, so they spend more time closing sales.

Database Establishment, Validation & Cleansing

We can create a new database or update, qualify and extend your existing database to give you a valuable marketing tool. read more

Market Research

We are able to collect precise and reliable data providing you with valuable insights for your product development or service delivery. read more

Workplace Voting

We offer a cost effective and independent solution for workplace ballots and enterprise voting.  Our secure approach results in 100% accurate receipting, validation and processing of votes.

If you need to communicate with prospects and don’t have the in-house resources, we can get the job done quickly and efficiently with our prospect lead generation services. Call us today to discuss your requirements.

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