10 Point Checklist: How to Brief a Telemarketing Agency

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10 Point Checklist: How to Brief a Telemarketing Agency

Published June 27th 2017

If you’re looking at briefing a telemarketing agency for an up and coming campaign, there are a few elements that you need to be completing in order to run an effective outbound operation.


1. Regular Communication
2. Monitor and Review
3. Set and Evaluate Targets
4. Set Key Messaging
5. Outline Product Benefits
6. Define Audience Pain Points
7. Set Audience Action
8. Outline Profiling Questions
9. Seek Relevant Data
10. Set Meeting Quality Guidelines


Outsourcing your telemarketing to an agency may come about for a number of reasons; Lack of skill, lack of time, or simply because you would rather set your sights on other operations within your business.


Whatever the reason, the campaign setup and briefing are crucial to ensure effective results and, of course, a better return on investment for you.


Hear what our sister company Air Marketing in the UK have to say about how to best brief a telemarketing agency.






General Manager NSW Industrial

Grays Online

Josh Sanders tells us how, through outsourcing their outbound lead generation to FMG, GraysOnline ensured their sales people were doing the right things more often – sitting down with qualified prospects and selling.



Michelle O’Brien

Regional Manager

Jayex Healthcare

We asked Michelle O’Brien about Jayex’s experience with outsourcing their lead generation to Forrest Marketing Group. Here, she tells us that outsourcing lead generation for a complex technical solution IS possible. And that it delivers great results.



Greg Puttick

General Manager

EL Blue

Greg Puttick explains why EL Blue, with a very specific target market of CEOs of medium-sized organisations, decided to outsource their outbound lead generation and what the results have been.

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