B2B Marketing Outlook 2015

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B2B Marketing Outlook 2015

Published Sept 14th 2015

We like to take the opportunity to share with our clients articles or research that we have read and feel may be of interest to you as well. GreenHat has teamed up with ADMA (Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising), Marketing Magazine and B2B Marketing UK to produce the 5th consecutive annual Marketing Outlook study.


This report surveyed 455 Marketers and demonstrates the changes as well as the main priorities in B2B marketing for 2015 and demonstrates many challenges and opportunities we are all facing.


We have highlighted some of the key findings below


The top two marketing objectives for 2015 are all about leads – generating leads (81%) and nurturing leads (78%)


Digital Marketing is expected to take the biggest slice of the B2B marketing budget in 2015 (28%) with traditional offline marketing in second place (23%)


2015 marketing budgets are rising with 36% increasing by 5% or more


Lead follow up by Sales is on the decline with only 48% of marketers reporting that Sales follow up at least two-thirds of their leads. It is believed this is due to the absence of a lead lifecycle strategy developed together by Sales and Marketing. They need aligned goals, agreed buyer personas and lead definitions, defined lead strategies and a lead management process.


The biggest challenge faced in 2015 was measuring marketing ROI, with 46% of respondents finding it ‘challenging’, even more so than generating leads (38%).


Email, e-nurturing and social media marketing remain the top three digital tactics that marketers will do more of in 2015.


Print advertising in once again the top tactic that marketers will do less of (34%) followed by tradeshows (24%) and direct mail (23%)


Content marketing is now significant for 3 in 4 respondents and short articles, blogs, case studies and videos are the top content types planned for 2015.


Inbound / Outbound ratio continues to tip towards inbound which itself is reliant on content (41% will spend more on inbound than outbound marketing).


Marketing automation is used by 47% of respondents.


Social media marketing continues to grow, with 65% now creating/publishing blogs and online content (up from 51%)


LinkedIn was B2B social platform of choice.


Two in five marketers (37%) do not know the cost of a lead – they either cannot measure it or choose not to.


The typical sales lead time from prospect introduction to order closure is 4-12 months (52%)


The main marketing activities that B2B marketers are planning to outsource (in order) are


Creative / graphic design


Search engine optimisation


Content development


Market research


Social media marketing




Focusing in on telemarketing around 20% of marketers plan to do more in 2015, while around another 35% plan to do the same amount as previous years


The complete report can be downloaded from the Greenhat website





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