B2B Marketing Outlook 2016

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B2B Marketing Outlook 2016

Published May 25th 2016

We like to take the opportunity to share with our clients articles and research that we have read and feel may be of interest. GreenHat has teamed up with ADMA, Marketing Magazine and the team at the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum to produce for the 6th consecutive year their Marketing Outlook study.


This report is based on feedback by 448 Marketers and demonstrates the changes and main priorities in B2B marketing for 2016, highlighting the many challenges and opportunities we are all facing. Not surprising to us is the continuing trend of lead generation and nurturing as the two main priorities for marketers in 2016.


We have highlighted some of the key findings below


In 2016 generating leads (77%) and nurturing leads (71%) stand out as the main objectives of marketers.


When looking at the average cost per lead 37% stated the cost per lead was between $1 and $250, 15% between $251 and $500, 10% over $500 and surprisingly 38% were unsure of the costs.


Focusing in on telemarketing around 20% of marketers plan to do more in 2015, while around another 25% plan to do the same amount as previous years.


The Digital Marketing rise continues, in 2016 31% of the B2B marketing budget will be expended on digital, this is up from 28% in 2015.


2016 marketing budgets are rising with 40% increasing by 5% or more


The top 3 challenges faced by respondents for 2016 were measuring marketing ROI (40% of respondents), generating leads (39%) and building brand awareness (39%).


Content marketing is seen as significant or very significant by 94% of marketers.


Only 36% of respondents stated that a satisfactory volume of leads were followed up by sales (compared with 48% in 2015)


Two in five marketers (38%) do not know the cost of a lead – they either cannot measure it or choose not to.


Print advertising in once again the top tactic that marketers will do less of followed by tradeshows / conferences and direct mail


Inbound / Outbound ratio continues to tip towards inbound which itself is reliant on content (42% will spend more on inbound than outbound marketing).


Use of marketing automation continues to rise and is used by 51% of respondents.


Improved lead generation / nurturing (61%) is seen as the top benefit of marketing automation.


LinkedIn continues to be the B2B social platform of choice with 86% usage.


The complete report can be downloaded from the Greenhat website





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