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E.L Blue is the Australian leader in providing a completely outsourced HR function. Australian owned and established in 1998, EL Blue manages the complete HR function for national and international organisations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, the USA and Europe.


Delivering an aligned workforce with real cost savings and efficiencies through HR outsourcing, EL Blue were looking for assistance in contacting CEOs of medium sized organisations introducing their services and getting face to face appointments.


Initially managing the outbound lead generation function themselves EL Blue found getting appointments with CEOs challenging – managing to book one appointment every 2 months. Since partnering with FM Group this has increased to one appointment every 2 weeks – a big turn-around for EL Blue.

Greg Puttick – General Manager, identified several benefits seen as a result of outsourcing and partnering with FM Group


“One of the benefits was that we didn’t have to manage the process directly so this was quite a time saver.”


“The second benefit was that we got appointments, that was the major benefit. We got appointments with CEOs and we made sales.”


With the partnership starting in 2012 Greg highlights the importance of spending time at the start understanding each other’s businesses and what will and won’t work to get the most out of outbound lead generation. EL Blue were not after 5 or 6 appointments a day, or even a week.

“We were happy with one every 2 weeks and people struggle with this in the call centre industry.”


“We have been working together for 5 years and I would say that about half of my clients are because Richard Forrest and his team made the appointment first up.”


Greg Puttick – General Manager – EL Blue

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When considering outsourcing lead generation many are unsure what to expect, and how long it will take to generate results. So we have put together our lead generation timeline - showing what to expect month by month from your lead generation campaign when working with FMG.





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