FMG Success – Building & Construction Industry Success

FMG Success – Building & Construction Industry Success

Many businesses struggle to generate a consistent number of good quality sales leads that will enable them to achieve their revenue, profit and growth objectives. Those supplying products and services to the building and construction industry are no different.


At FMG we can support your sales or business development team generate qualified sales, through generating leads, opening sales conversations and setting appointments. In the past year, we’ve uncovered sales opportunities that have resulted in millions of dollars of new business for our clients. Selling on the phone is all we do. We have the specialist expertise to help you begin a host of lucrative new business relationships.


FMG have worked on thousands of campaigns covering a wide range of industries, products and services. In particular we have had a huge amount of experience and success in the Building and Construction industry – from plumbing supplies, concrete & related products, general building & construction supplies to safety equipment & compressed gases.


In recent times we have completed over 22,000 hours of calls for clients in this industry with outcomes ranging from completing surveys, booking face to face appointment and undertaking market research.


Market research and Appointment Setting campaign for a leading plumbing supplier


FMG was approached by one of the biggest names in plumbing supplies as they wanted to learn more about the plumbers & builders who had accounts with them. FMG constructed a market research campaign to uncover the type of work the plumbers & builders focused on, how many tradespeople they had working for them & where they purchase their supplies. As an incentive to use our client as their supplier, a 10% discount was offered on their next purchase.


The campaign quickly identified accounts with unrealised opportunities based on current spend with other suppliers. Face to face appointments were booked for BDMs with these higher value opportunities.


In addition to surveys being completed almost 850 sales leads were uncovered for our client (either face to face or over the phone) and an additional 107 contacts requested to be contacted in the future. They now have a better understanding of their clients and can focus their resources more efficiently on more profitable accounts.


Appointment setting for a supplier of safety & environmental products to the construction industry


As an importer, manufacturer & distributor of safety products suited to the construction industry, FMG was approached to assist in introducing this clients products to new prospects.


With the focus on one product – a printed shade cloth / fence fabric (an advertising tool as well as making job sites look more professional) our client was after assistance in booking appointments as well as finding and nurturing longer term opportunities.


With an introductory campaign running for 100 hours, FMG locked in 87 face to face appointments (with samples sent in advance), requests for pricing which were fed back to the sales team and keep in touch emails with a brochure sent to those people asking for follow up by our client in the coming months.


Our client could now focus on these face to face appointments knowing that these prospects were aware of their product and had even seen a sample. Plus they had a future pipeline of new clients and a database of interested contacts they could cross sell other products to in the future.


Transitioning clients online, surveys and database updating for a construction supplier


As a supplier of chemicals and equipment our client approached FMG for assistance in migrating customers onto their online portal to streamline their order and inventory management.


Moving online means customers can avoid waiting in a telephone queues and enjoy the convenience of being able to access their accountand order information at any time. For our client this online migration provides substantial cost savings and supports the businesses online strategy.


Due to the success of this ongoing campaign, FMG have now worked on a number of additional campaigns with this client surveying existing & lost clients with the results feeding back into existing and future marketing plans. Since 2013 we have completed over 21,400 hours of calls for BOC, with almost 48,000 outcomes – including signing up clients to the online portal, completing surveys & updating client contact details.


Telephone appointments for a leading supplier of aggregates, concrete and concrete products


FMG was approached by this supplier of aggregate, concrete, concrete pipes and other concrete products. They needed to work through a large volume of calls and find out who their prospects were currently buying from and what they are buying. The aim was to make phone appointments for their BDMs and attempt to transition them across as new preferred clients.


Over an initial campaign of 110 ours of calls, 127 phone appointments were booked with prospects not currently purchasing from our client. In addition ‘keep in touches’ were recorded for other contacts who were not ready to switch but wanted to be contacted in the future as well as opted in to receive marketing material.


Market research and appointment setting for Australia’s largest building and construction material supplier


This leading building and construction materials supplier approached FMG wanting to survey existing contacts to find out more about the type of work they do and ultimately arrange telephone appointments with their sales team.


A campaign was constructed opening with market research and then depending on the answers to the questions, phone appointments were scheduled for the higher value opportunities. Over an initial campaign of 128 hours, 114 appointments were made with new prospects who were identified as high value opportunities. In addition 126 ‘stay in touches’ were recorded for those people wanting to be contacted in the future and to stay on their database for future correspondence.

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