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Mal Smith from CommSys shares his experience of using FMG to fill their sales pipeline and manage their accounts receivable and collections process

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Lead Nurturing Campaigns & Services

“Using our purpose built CRM, our sales agents keep in touch with all of your prospects, fostering relationships and building brand awareness until they are ready to buy.”

Many sales people focus on their next “hot” sales lead, at the expense of their warm, longer term leads. Up to 95% of warm leads leak out of your sales pipeline, but 70% of them will buy at some point in the future.

A systematic lead nurturing campaign maintains regular contact with all of your prospects and keeps you positioned ahead of your competitors, building long term sales. 

Our lead nurturing campaigns can operate as a stand-alone project or in conjunction with an appointment setting or lead generation campaign.

Stand-alone Lead Nurturing

We can nurture the warm leads in your existing database, freeing up your sales team to focus on today’s sales and ensuring that none of your long term sales opportunities are missed.

Lead Nurturing with Lead Generation or Appointment Setting

Lead generation campaigns identify many prospects interested in your products or services, but who are not yet ready to buy.  Ensuring that you stay in regular contact with these opportunities means that long term sales are realised, maximising the value of your lead generation campaign.

We structure a consistent lead nurturing campaign that combines direct mail, email, invitations to events and regular follow-up phone calls to keep you in contact with all of your sales prospects. As prospects respond to different messages, they are passed back to you to be converted into customers.

The right lead nurturing strategy will depend on your industry and sales process. If you’re looking for a lead nurturing strategy in Sydney, call us today to discuss a campaign for your business.

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