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Customer Surveys

“Customer surveys give you valuable feedback and assist in retaining customers. Likewise they can uncover new sales opportunities.”

How outsourcing Customer Surveys to FMG can help

Customer surveys provide a great opportunity to strengthen customer relationships. Completed over the phone, customer surveys provide two-way feedback and allow the customer to be heard.

There are a number of common reasons customer surveys are used. To determine product or service performance. Collecting product or service feedback. Developing new products or services. Measuring customer loyalty. Improving the customer experience. No matter what you are are looking to achieve, we can help.

Why Telemarketing is an effective customer survey tool

  • Personalised interaction
  • Customised message
  • Immediate feedback
  • Quickly adjusted
  • Customer centric
  • Market insight
  • Trackable activity
  • Measurable results


Retain customers

Monitoring and managing the customer experience is critical in retaining customers. This gives you the opportunity to uncover issues that may inhibit customers from returning to you to buy again. Additionally while surveying customers you may uncover additional up-sell, cross-sell and referral opportunities.

Gather information

Customer surveys can provide valuable insight as to how you are perceived by your clients and the market in general. They can evaluate your service delivery and after-sales processes. Identifying any issues before they become a problem. They can also pinpoint strengths and new opportunities in your offering.

Understand your customers

Understanding what your customers experience when they buy from you is essential. Understanding and making improvements increasing conversion rates, identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, and maximising client retention. When partnering with FMG we design a campaign to deliver invaluable feedback.

Provide customer insight

Partnering with FMG to conduct customer surveys will give invaluable insight into your customers. You will obtain the information you need to make business decisions based on fact. Engaging a third party often means respondents are more candid and honest, ensuring accuracy of the data obtained.


Customer Surveys: How to get started

Your Account Manager will guide you through the design and setup of your customer survey campaign, including:

  • Assess your needs and designing the strategy to best meet your objectives. Why do you want to survey your clients? What outcomes are you aiming for? Is this survey a part of a larger campaign with the aim to also include lead generation?
  • Set and agree on campaign targets
  • Work with you to decide who to call and how often? How many surveys do you need to complete?
  • Briefing meetings with the operations team
  • Training sessions with your call centre agents
  • Campaign tracking and reporting through our online portal

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