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Many businesses use events to attract new clients as well as engage with their existing clients. A lot of time, effort and money is put into creating these events so it’s important to ensure you get enough of the right people attending to make it all worthwhile.

Invitations sent by mail or email can be easily missed or forgotten. Follow-up phone calls significantly increase response rates and maximise attendance. Our agents can explain the event in more detail, process registrations and send out email confirmations, as well as make confirmation calls to minimise last-minute cancellations.

No matter what type of event you are holding we can help create a buzz, and fill it with the right attendees, ensuring its success.

Boost ticket

No matter what type of event you are holding – a workshop, conference, tradeshow or networking event – our team can support your internal activities and boost ticket sales. We can follow up mail or email invitations, explain the event in more detail and secure additional bookings.


Just securing the initial booking is not enough. We know that it is just as important to keep in touch with delegates prior to the event to ensure the attendance rate is as high as possible. We can follow up with registered delegates providing them with all details they need prior to your event.


Post-event follow-up is important to ensure you don’t miss any business opportunities. We can follow up with attendees after your event to see if they have any questions or want more information, as well as gain their feedback. We can also follow up with those who did not attend and provide relevant information to them as well.

Gain complete

We know that people are often unsure about outsourcing, so we provide access to a client portal that provides live reporting on every call, and access to bookings made in real time. Partnering with us ensures you have complete visibility and how many people you can expect at your event.


Every campaign we work on is unique and will require a different approach. With each campaign we can tailor every aspect – from the number of hours we work to when we call and who we call. We also select the best suited agents and tailor the conversational script on which our calls are based to ensure the best possible outcome.


Outsourcing your event registration and follow-up can save you valuable time and ensure your event is a success. We can do all the legwork for you in the lead-up to your event as well as afterwards to ensure the best chance of maximising the attendance rate.

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When considering outsourcing lead generation many are unsure what to expect, and how long it will take to generate results. So we have put together our lead generation timeline - showing what to expect month by month from your lead generation campaign when working with FMG.




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