2011 FMG Telemarketing Survey Results

2011 FMG Telemarketing Survey Results

Every year we speak with our clients to assess the effectiveness of our telemarketing and lead generation campaigns for their businesses.  At the end of last year, we spoke with 35 clients who had run campaigns with us during the year (some who had only run a short campaign, some who were running ongoing campaigns) to.  The results achieved for these 35 clients were:

A total of 2,983 qualified sales leads generated;

Over $64 million ($64,152,034) in new business opportunities opened by the FMG campaigns;

1,289% average ROI (based on the average lifetime value of a new customer);

767% average campaign ROI (based only on the average first year revenue from a new customer);

69% of clients achieved a positive ROI within 3 months of their campaign commencing;

75% achieved a positive ROI within 6 months;

94.3% expected to achieve a positive ROI from pending sales in early 2012.

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