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Austbrokers case study

“We are actually now looking at extending the use of FMG into some of our other divisions, specifically because it has been so successful.”


– Edward Palminha, National Workers Compensation Manager at Affida

FMG has conducted a long term appointment setting campaign for this group since 2010. The sales team knew they needed assistance in contacting prospects on the phone, introducing their services and attempting to make face to face appointments, so they could spend their time focused on what they did best – getting in front of clients and closing sales.


The Requirement

FMG was originally engaged by a small privately-owned workers compensation consultancy which was then acquired by Austbrokers in 2011. One of the reasons Austbrokers acquired them was due to the successful marketing strategy they had implemented, of which a large component was the highly effective FMG appointment setting activity. Austbrokers have continued their appointment setting campaign with FMG to generate sales opportunities for their sales teams.


This campaign focused on setting face to face appointments with CFO’s in companies with workers compensation premiums greater than $100,000 per annum.


The Results

FMG worked have worked with Austbrokers since 2010 with the same sales agent assigned to the campaign throughout. The success of the campaign is a result of the maturity and professionalism of the sales agent who is able to converse comfortably on the topic of workers compensation with senior financial decision-makers.

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