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The Bright Print Group case study

“The Bright Print Group have been using the professional services of FMG since October 2010. Over that time, FMG have worked closely with BPG to develop a customised telemarketing program. So far this has generated in excess of 300 qualified leads for our sales team. FMG are customer focused as well as being committed to providing a valuable service.”


– Deborah Burgess, Bright Print Group

Bright Print Group is a Sydney based commercial and digital print company.


The Requirement

FMG were approached by Bright Print to work on telemarketing lead generation campaign. Bright Print Group wanted to target companies who spent more than $50,000 on printed material each year. Companies were selected by industry types. The focus was on those industries likely to have this level of spending on printed material. And also filtered down to those employed more than 30 staff. This level of qualification ensured that Bright Print would see a high ROI for each new client won.


The Results

Spending some time at the start working together closely in partnership, a unique offer and approach was created. This ensured the effectiveness of the campaign within such a competitive industry.

With a unique offering FMG’s agents were able to set appointments with Marketing and Finance Managers within target organsiations every 1.5 hours. In fact the campaign was so successful at the start that Bright Print had to suspend it temporarily. To allow their sales team to catch up with the high volume of leads provided.

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