FMG Success – Superannuation Funds & Advisors

Forrest Marketing Group deliver Appointment Setting & Customer Reactivation for Superannuation Funds

Many businesses struggle to generate a consistent number of good quality sales leads. Therefore enabling them to achieve their revenue, profit and growth objectives.

Superannuation is an area we have lots of experience in, as well as proven results.  We have helped Superannuation funds and Financial Advisors achieve their sales targets through prospecting and customer engagement activities.

We have completed 4 major campaigns for superannuation funds. In total we have conducted over 3,300 hours of calls. For these campaigns our focus has been on qualifying prospects, generating leads, setting appointments as well as reactivating lost customers.

Have a look at what we have achieved for some of our superannuation clients.

Appointment Setting & Customer Reactivation – Equip Super

‘We initially gave FMG a six-week assignment to generate new business leads in the large corporate space. Our expectations for the number of appointments has been smashed. We are now into our second year with them and have had the same representative working on our account for the whole period. They are easy to deal with and have become an invaluable extension of our sales effort.’

FMG have worked with Equip Super for a number of years over several campaigns. So far over 2,700 hours of calls have been completed in total.

FMG was originally approached by Equip to run a short-term lead generation campaign. This was to present their services to businesses in the large corporate space booking face to face appointments. Equip Super’s sales team would then meet with the prospect and review their current fund and provide a comparison.

Due to the success of this original campaign, FMG has continued to work with Equip Super. 299 face to face appointments have been booked with new corporate prospects. In addition to appointment setting, FMG has also worked on 2 additional campaigns. The first assisted clients in maintaining and rolling over their super. Completing 766 hours on this campaign and assisting 1,400 clients. Finally, 834 hours were completed on a data cleansing campaign. Over this campaign, we made contact with current clients and updates the details of over 4,300 clients.


Lead Generation – Wealth Management

FMG has partnered  on a lead generation campaign with a market leader in wealth management with over $130 billion in funds under their management.

With a campaign running over 300 hours, our sales agents initially asked questions to gain an understanding of the organisations’ current situation. The next step was to explain our clients offering – a market-leading corporate superannuation fund, with simplified administration. Additional their service provided education for staff on financial matters and a market leading employee benefits program. The ultimate aim of the calls was to book face to face appointments to discuss further.

85 face to face appointments were made over the duration of the campaign. This delivered a healthy pipeline of opportunities to our client to follow up with over the following weeks and months. Furthermore our agents collected details while on the phone. This included their current fund, the returns, fees and fund management were all captured for future use by our client.


Appointment Setting – Financial Services

A leading financial services company providing a premium financial services to corporate and private clients including superannuation, investment and wealth management partnered with FMG for an appointment setting campaign. Our client was looking for face to face to face appointments for their sales team to meet with prospects and ultimately provide a proposal for their services.

The initial campaign ran for 129 hours. Our agents were tasked with explaining our clients offering and then collecting specific information from the prospect to pass back to our client. This information included their default fund, current fees and charges as well as how they felt their fund manager is performing.

Ultimately the aim was to book face to face appointments for their sales team. 21 face to face appointments were booked. In addition, the information gathered assisted in identifying future product offerings. As well as nurturing those people not interested right now, but maybe interested in their services in the future.