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“Outsourcing to FMG is almost like having an office of my company remote. It’s well managed, well run, the people that work there are doing a great job.”


 Director – GPSM – Bill Alexiou-Hucker

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GPSM provides an industry leading complete supply chain solution. This includes freight forwarding, customs brokerage and transportation. Established in 2001, GPSM have been helping their clients automate their supply chain, improve internal systems and save money on management and shipping for over 15 years

As a result of losing clients to global tenders, GPSM was looking to grow their business. GPSM’s Director Bill Alexiou-Hucker approached FM Group to assist with their lead generation activities. This was due to them not getting enough sales opportunities using internal telesales.

With the partnership beginning in 2010 FM Group have introduced GPSM to thousands of businesses. Many of these have become clients.

“We probably have paid for FMG for the next 20 years with the quality of clients we have been able to bring on board through the work of FMG”

FMG is now a key component of GPSM’s sales and marketing activity.

“I would definitely recommend FMG to other companies simply because as business owners my business partner and I have other things we need to look after and we don’t to micro-manage sections of our business.”

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