GraysOnline is a leading Australian online retail and auction company, offering a range of consumer, industrial and commercial goods, direct from manufacturers and distributors.


With a heritage spanning over 100 years, GraysOnline employ more than 400 people throughout Australia & New Zealand and sell more than 120,000 items every month to both consumers and businesses.


Always on the look-out for new partners wanting to sell quality brands or commercial equipment GraysOnline reached out to FM Group to help approach potential new clients and generate as many new business opportunities as cost effectively as possible.


GraysOnline had grown significantly over recent years and were looking for new ways to grow further. At the same time, Josh Sanders – GM (NSW Industrial), wanted to restructure the organisation to ensure the most efficient use of staff – specifically ensuring that his BDM’s time was used most efficiently.

Starting with FM Group in 2015 the results have been consistent with 10 – 15 new leads being provided to the GraysOnline BDMs each week. With an additional almost 1,500 businesses requesting GraysOnline to stay in touch with them going forward should an opportunity arise for them to work together.

In addition to the sales leads there are several intangible benefits that GraysOnline recognised from their partnership with FM Group. Firstly, the market intelligence of businesses in aligned industries provided valuable insight to GraysOnline. Secondly having a professional organisation talking to aligned businesses about Graysonline, provides a marketing benefit – getting the GraysOnline name out there as well as the conversation being a positive, professional experience reflects well on the GraysOnline name. Thirdly the online portal for campaign reporting provides a huge amount of information at their fingertips in real time was a huge benefit.

“Forrest Marketing Group have been absolutely fantastic in understanding our business, understanding what we want to achieve from this lead generation and making it happen. The fact that they have all the right people in their business in the right roles and the fact that they have all the data for is to be able to ascertain what’s working and what’s not, just makes it fantastic from our perspective.”


Josh Sanders – General Manager (NSW Industrial) – GraysOnline

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