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How to Make the Most of Sales in the Silly Season
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How to Make the Most of Sales in the Silly Season  

Christmas and New Year are fast approaching. It’s time to make plans for sales over the festive season and use this time to your advantage. Especially because many of your competitors are doing the opposite. The silly season may be slower, but there are still sales to be made.

In today’s blog we cover the number one festive season sales myth, why you should ignore it and how to make the most of sales at this time of year.

What’s the top silly season sales myth?

There’s a misconception that sales over the festive season aren’t worth chasing. Everyone shuts down, people aren’t in the office and companies aren’t thinking about buying new products. They’re busy thinking about the holidays and less focused on signing contracts.

It’s easy to see why it’s a myth that’s so commonly believed. Most of us do take a break over the festive season and our workloads are often lighter. This slower period can easily be mistaken for inactivity.

Many salespeople see this time of year as an opportunity to wind down. They’re thinking about how to start 2020 after a leisurely break for the holidays. This is where you can gain from their reliance on an old myth. There’s still plenty of deals to be made in 2019.

Why you should focus on closing sales in the silly season

There’s no doubt that many offices are quieter over the festive season. This doesn’t mean there’s no point trying to close sales. In fact, it’s the opposite.

Your prospects are easier to talk to

With a less hectic workload than usual, you’ll find it easier to speak to your prospects. They won’t be tied up in meetings all day so they’re more likely to be available for calls and meetings. It’s the season of giving too, so you may find they’re more agreeable to a sales pitch at this time of year.

Your competitors are less active

Many sales teams don’t take full advantage of the Christmas season. So, if your competitors are on holiday, checked out or thinking about the New Year, it means they won’t be calling your prospects, so it’s your chance to speak to them before they do.

Your customers still need what you offer

The world doesn’t stop just because it’s the silly season. Your customers and prospects still have a need for the products or services you offer. While you’ll want to be mindful of their buying cycle and seasonal trends, it’s as good a time as any to make your prospects or existing customers a deal they can’t refuse.

The best way to handle sales over the festive season

There’s no one strategy that works for every business. The best way to handle sales over the festive season will depend on what you sell and who your customers are. Still, these tips will help you or your lead generation agency create a winning approach that gives you a good start to the New Year.

Tailor your approach based on how busy your prospects are

If you’re making sales calls to a retail business, avoid the festive season. They’re too busy serving customers and dealing with their internal targets to spend time on the phone with you. The same goes for cafes and restaurants.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting companies based in offices, they will be quieter than usual. This means it’s a good time to get on the phone to them and book in a meeting.

Ramp up activity before you close for Christmas

Many sales and lead generation agents make the mistake of slowing down mid-December. There’s still plenty of work to put in before you close for Christmas, so ramp up activity instead.

Use this time wisely and get speaking to any prospects that you want to do business with in the New Year. If they’re in the office, you have a good chance of booking a meeting with them. If they’re on holiday already, you can expect a reply early in the New Year. This approach gives you a strong advantage over those who wait until January to begin their sales process.

Get an early start to selling in the New Year

As many sales teams slow down before Christmas, they’re also slow to begin again in the New Year. Use this to your advantage and get in early before they do.

Encourage your sales team or lead generation agency to prioritize an early start to the New Year. It’s important to know your prospects, have a strong pipeline and refine your processes so you can enjoy a positive start to the year. Having a plan allows you to begin the year with a better chance of converting leads and hitting your targets.

Key takeaways

The festive season offers you lots of opportunities to close sales, speak to prospects and prepare for a good year ahead. Here are our key takeaways to help you make the most of this season.

  • Use the festive season wisely. Get ahead of your competitors with an early start and reach your prospects when they’re more open to an approach.
  • Know your prospects and respect their needs. Tailor your approach to what’s important to them. Decide whether to approach them now while they’re quiet or delay your call until January if they’re busy.
  • The sales function never stops. Just because it’s the holidays it doesn’t mean your team should slow down. Focus on your goals and maintain a high level of productivity for the best results.


Make the most of the festive season

It may be Christmas but it’s never time to slow down. Keep up the momentum you’ve enjoyed throughout the year and stay focused on your targets. Use this time wisely and create a solid plan, so you can make the most of sales over the festive season.

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