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“It was very important that the customer had a seamless experience. From the moment they were contacted by FMG, right through to the final stage.

NSW Business Chamber – Senior Manager – Member Services Centre – Gerald Garcia

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NSW Business Chamber is the state’s peak business organisation, and also an independent not-for-profit organisation. Their primary focus is on making it easier for their members to “do business”. As an organisation they are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential. This is done through offering expert advice and services. While at the same time advocating for policy changes that will benefit all Australian businesses.


The Requirement

The main aim of the NSW Business Chamber’s telemarketing campaign was to increase sales and achieve stretch targets. NSW Business Chamber had decided the only way this could be done was through partnering with an external provider to supplement their existing internal sales team. After looking at a number of potential partners, FMG was chosen as their telemarketing partner. NSW Business Chamber was looking for a partner who would be able to act as an invisible extension of their own sales team. Additionally they were looking for a seamless handover of qualified leads to their sales team. Both things that FMG could deliver.


NSW Business Chamber were also investigating alternative methods of lead generation that they could use going forward. They wanted to compare the ROI of using FMG against their internal lead generation methods. If favourable results were obtained, the NSW Business Chamber were looking to partner long term with FMG.

The Results

When they first approached FMG, NSW Business Chamber had set a target to achieve 80 new qualified sales leads. This was a significant stretch target for them, and one they were unable to achieve with their internal sales resources. FMG’s telemarketing campaign was a success. By the end of the initial pilot campaign we had provided NSW Business Chamber with 83 qualified sales leads. Most significantly this was achieved during the Chambers quietest time of year. From December to the end of January.

FMG worked with NSW Business completing over 350 hours on the phone over 2 months. In this time our sales agents had conversations with 1,454 decision makers. From this 83 qualified sales leads were passed back to NSW Business Chamber for their team to follow up. This surpassed the Chambers initial stretch target of 80 leads.

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