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“FMG’s staff are extremely helpful. They are extremely professional. They gave us some hints and advice that were very useful for a business like ours. One that isn’t used to direct sales. It wasn’t just the business that FMG delivered to us. It was also the partnership and the advice that we received as well. We found this extremely helpful.”

Daniel Yaffe – Director – Patient Support Systems

Patient Support Systems provide innovative support systems that guarantee complete patient care. With a focus on providing the best support and optimum comfort for patients, Patient Support Systems has been offering innovative support systems as well as educational resources to clients, medical institutions and medical professionals across Australia.


The Requirement

Patient Support Systems had become constrained as a distributor. After creating their own product range which allowed them to go straight to the market –  they realised they needed assistance in direct selling as they did not have expertise in sales and did not know the best way to reach their market.


After looking into several provides Patient Support Systems partnered with FMG as their external sales team.

The Results

The partnership with FMG created a whole new arm for Patient Support Systems business – rather than just import and distribute product they now had direct customers. This contact with the market also assisted in research and development to improve existing product and develop new. Looking at the bottom line, the partnership was extremely valuable to Patient Support Systems with the investment spent repaying itself in spades.

In 572 hours, FMG’s sales agents had 2,650 conversations with customers and prospects and made 362 appointments for Patient Support Systems to follow up. Most importantly for Patient Support Systems these new customer do not just buy once, but come back again and again meaning the benefits seen will continue to roll in over time.

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