FMG Success – Software Industry Spotlight

FMG Software Industry case studies

Many businesses struggle to generate a consistent number of good quality sales leads. To enable them to achieve their revenue, profit and growth objectives. Software providers are no different.

At FMG we support your sales or business development team. We do this through generating qualified sales leads, opening sales conversations and setting appointments. In the past year, we’ve uncovered sales opportunities that have resulted in millions of dollars of new business for our clients.

Selling on the phone is all we do. We have the specialist expertise to help you begin a host of lucrative new business relationships.

FMG have worked on thousands of campaigns covering a wide range of industries, products and services. Software is one area we have had plenty of experience in and have exceptional results. From enterprise wide solutions, desktop software, apps, industry focused software solutions through to educational software solutions.

In recent times FMG has worked for 6 major software providers. In total we have completed almost 5,000 hours of calls for these clients. Campaign outcomes have ranged from face to face appointments through to free software trials.


Software Upgrades for a multinational digital media software solutions provider

FMG have partnered with the marketing team of this multinational software solutions provider. We have designed an outbound campaign to generate interest in upgrading older software versions.

A long term and ongoing client of FMG, we have so far completed over 2,100 hours of calls. This has resulted in over 2,800 contacts agreeing to a call from our client to upgrade their software to the most recent version. With consistent results over an extended period of time, this client continues to partner with FMG for their outbound calling needs.


Face to face appointments for a data management solutions provider

Our client is a software provider with a suite of solutions. These are centred around Data Governance, Data Quality, B2B commerce, Occupational Health and Safety and Automation. FMG have been working with Sales Management on a face to face appointment setting campaign to grow the customer base in key industries. Our sales agents make introductions and book face to face appointments with businesses within the industries who have a need for one or more of the solutions on offer.

Where face to face appointments are not possible, we add the contact to a database to receive an email newsletter as a part of an ongoing nurturing program.

This campaign has continued past the initial pilot, with the sales pipeline continuing to build. So far FMG has completed over 320 hours of calls and booked 44 face to face appointments for Sales Management.


Face to face appointments for an ERP solution provider

Our client is an expert in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, offering clients a custom software solution as well as consulting and training. Approached by their VP as well as Senior Solutions consultant, FMG was engaged to work on an appointment setting campaign.

Targeting clients in the logistics, warehousing and manufacturing industries, FMG was requested to make face to face appointments with decision makers as well as other key stakeholders who may have an influence over the decision. With strict requirements around company size and turnover among other criteria, due to the potential value of sales, FMG has certainly delivered quality appointments to this client.

Over 720 hours of calls have been made generating 97 face to face appointments, representing millions of dollars of potential opportunities to this client. Due to the quality of the appointments made, as well as the pipeline and sales that have resulted, FMG continues to partner with this client ongoing.


Free trial sign ups for a global leader in online education solutions

Our client is a global leader in online education solutions and used and trusted by over 4.8 million students in over 18,000 schools around the world. FMG was approached by the local CEO to sign schools up to free trial versions of their software products.

Since the initial pilot they have now partnered with FMG for several years. So far our sales agents have made 900 hours of calls. We have signed up 628 schools to free trials of their e-learning programs covering mathematics, spelling, reading and science.


Face to face appointments for a global leader in business intelligence and performance management solutions

FMG was approached by the Sales and Marketing Managers of this Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution provider. Who was looking to facilitate an appointment setting campaign.

FMG was tasked with contacting CFO’s and senior financial decision makers of organisations within a specified geographic area. So far FMG has completed 208 hours of calls and booked 34 face to face appointments for their Sales Manager. Extending past the initial campaign FMG continues to work with the sales team to build the sales pipeline.