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Spotlight – Outsourced Sales

Spotlight: Outsourced Sales


Supporting Sales Teams


Working with sales and business development teams to help them achieve their sales targets

Supporting Sales by Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Customer Service

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is generating sufficient sales leads. To enable them to achieve their revenue and growth objectives.

FMG helps your sales team achieve their targets through generating leads, building relationships and setting appointments. In the past year, we’ve uncovered sales opportunities that have resulted in millions of dollars in new business for our clients.

Selling on the phone is all we do. We have the specialist expertise to help you begin a range of lucrative new business relationships.

Have a look at some of our success supporting Sales Teams.

Lead Generation – Australia’s largest General Insurance Broker Networks

With lead generation identified as the most important opportunity by this network of brokers,  their sales team reviewed a number of lead generation solution providers. As a result of this review they selected FMG as their preferred Lead Generation partner.

FMG commenced on their campaign in late 2015 with a select group of brokers. So far completing over 900 hours of calls and qualifiying 1,500 prospects. This has resulted in our agents setting 512 face to face appointments for these brokers.

FMG sales agents were also able to gain valuable insight into prospects current situation. This included collecting details on their current insurer, policy renewal date, last review or comparison done as well as other services their current insurer provides. Armed with this information, our client can focus on the face to face appointment and closing the sale with all the details required on hand. In addition to appointment setting, FMG is also building a future pipeline of prospects  – those businesses whose policy is not yet due for renewal.


Market Research & Appointment Setting – leading Hardward Supplier

FMG was approached to partner with one of the biggest names in plumbing supplies. They wanted to learn more about the plumbers and builders who had accounts with them. FMG designed a market research campaign to uncover the the information they were looking for. This information included the type of work the plumbers and builders did, how many tradespeople they had working for them and where they purchased their supplies. As an incentive to use our client as their supplier, a 10% discount was offered on their next purchase.

The campaign quickly identified accounts with unrealised opportunities. This was based on current spend with other suppliers. Face to face appointments were booked for BDMs with these high value opportunities.

In addition to the surveys being completed, almost 850 sales leads were uncovered for our client. Furthermore an additional 107 contacts requested to be contacted in the future. Our client now has a better understanding of their clients. And most importantly they can focus their resources more efficiently on more profitable accounts.


Appointment Setting – Business Consultants

Our client, a Business Consultancy, assists other businesses in the areas of Marketing and HR. They had previously relied on their own network of contacts and referral business. FMG was approached to work on a lead generation campaign contacting prospects in specific industries. Our sales agents identified new sales opportunities, qualified them and finally arranged face to face appointments.

From the start, our client was looking for a long term partner to manage their lead generation. And due the the results achieved, they have now partnered with FMG for several years. Over this time FMG has made over 1,480 hours of calls and as a result has qualified and booked over 400 appointments.

FMG now manages all the outbound lead generation activities for this client, allowing them to focus on what they do best.
‘…this is a long term ongoing strategy for us and we plan on continuing to partner with FMG. As a result of the leads obtained, we see real value in the partnership we have with them.’

Hear what our customers say

“For any business focused on growth, telemarketing is an option worth exploring and may well be the right option. Using a dedicated and highly experienced team like FMG, means our team can concentrate their efforts on what they do best. That’s speaking with people face-to-face about their insurance needs. Assessing what they have in place and determining if there is a better, more effective solution.

FMG has been responsive, professional and extremely accommodating of our needs. We work well together as a team and look forward to building on our success with them.”

Elders Insurance – Anne Lucas, National Manager, Marketing & Communications

“As a Sales Manager of a highly established company one of the most difficult tasks for a sales team is continually finding new sales leads. When first approached by FMG to discuss sales lead generation I believed it was something we could do internally. However after going to see FMG head office and seeing what they do I decided to throw the idea around our business.

After discussions we decided to move ahead with FMG.

On my return to FMG to listen into phone calls and assist with any assistance the guys might need on the calls.  I was amazed to listen in and find that the team making the calls sounded like they could be from my company. They were highly persuasive but without being pushy. And most importantly appointments were made then and there. The best part about FMG, is their openness and honesty.

From the leads generated to date the close ratio is very high. Above 90% close on all appointments made. I would highly recommend FMG. With great advice given from them on how to approach the market, success is almost certainly guaranteed.

TNT Express – Andrew Meadows, Territory Sales Manager

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"The results that FMG get are easily the best that we have ever seen."

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"We needed to work with someone our prospects were going to trust right from when they take the first phone call."

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"With Forrest Marketing Group you get a professional product and you get it all the time."


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"It's reassuring for me to know if I am busy, there is someone else working on keeping our sales pipeline full."

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