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Talent2 case study

“We ran a very successful campaign with FMG. The team was very helpful and friendly. They were able to get a good grasp of our product. And as a result the campaign was more than paid for by the business that we generated from the campaign.”


– Glenn Anthony, Talent2

FMG has conducted multiple lead generation campaigns for Talent2. These campaigns have covered their training, outplacement and outsourced payroll Divisions.


The Requirement

Each separate campaign has focused on setting face to face appointments for Talent2’s sales team. The target decision-makers were finance and human resource managers as well as SME business owners throughout Australia.


Our lead generation campaigns have provided a strong ROI for Talent2. As a result, they have been used on an ongoing basis to boost sales opportunities.


The Results

With a partnership continuing for over 6 years, FMG have completed over 1,500 hours of calls. During this time we have introduced Talent2 and their services to tens of thousands of businesses. 420 face to face appointments have been booked. These have resulted in hundreds of additional sales as well as new clients. During 2012, one Talent2 sales representative generated more than 80 sales from appointments generated by the FMG Team.

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