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TNT Express Australia case study

“As a sales manager of an established company one of the most difficult tasks for a sales team is continually finding new sales leads. When first approached to discuss sales leads generation I believed it was something we could do internally. However, after going to see FMG head office and seeing what they do I decided to throw the idea around our business. After discussions, we decided to move ahead with FMG. Our thoughts were for a small investment it was worth the risk.

We were encouraged to sit with our Account Manager, and take her through our business. Where we are and what we want to achieve. As well as our sales strategy. We then met the team who would be making our calls. On my return to FMG to listen into phone calls and assist with any structure the guys might need on the calls. I was amazed to listen in and find that the team making the calls sounded like they could be from my company. They were highly persuasive but without being pushy. Appointments were made then and there.

The best part about FMG, is their openness and honesty, with wonderful people to deal with. From the leads generated to date, the close-ratio is very high, to the point we had to check the numbers. Above 90% close on all appointments made. I would highly recommend FMG. With the great advice given from them on how to approach the market, success is almost certainly guaranteed.”


TNT Express – Andrew Meadows – Territory Sales Manager

The Requirement

FMG conducted an appointment setting campaign for TNT. This campaign was designed to grow their customer base in key targeted geographical areas.


FMG was tasked by TNT to get their Sales and Account Managers in front of new prospects. These were businesses that regularly used couriers or transported goods locally using an external logistics provider. TNT provided specific suburbs that were already part of their daily pick up run. Knowing that competitive pricing could be offered due to their location.


The Results

Using this message, FMG started generating appointments from the first day of calls. Within days of the campaign commencing TNT had already started to convert these appointments into sales. TNT reported a 90% conversion rate of the appointments within a few weeks of start of the campaign.
In over 160 hours of telemarketing during an 8 week Pilot Campaign, FMG generated 127 appointments with key decision makers for TNT. Overall FMG set an appointment with 12.3% of all decision makers spoken to.


What is even better from FMG’s perspective is how TNT came on board as a client. TNT were approached as a part of an outbound campaign we ran ourselves. Showing we really do know what we are doing. After working with a number of other logistics clients on some very successful campaigns we approached TNT to see if we could help them as well. The results certainly speak for themselves.

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