This B2B Sales Guide Shows You How to:

Define Your Market

You will learn how to define your market, craft your pitch and how to manage your prospecting team to get great results.

Engage your prospects

With a simple and intuitive four-step process, you'll learn the art of early engagement.

Grow Your Sales Pipeline

You will go from a trickling pipeline to a steady flow of qualified prospects, often in as little as a few months.

Identify Your Prospects

Discover a huge market that is invisible to the vast majority of today's B2B salespeople: early cycle buyers.

Practice Your Pitch

By following the steps outlined in this book, you'll be guaranteeing sales today, sales tomorrow, sales next month, and sales next year.

Highly Experienced Author

Richard Forrest is the Founder & Managing Director of FMG and co-Founder of Air Marketing in the UK. He has managed & coached sales teams around the world and since 2006 he has built FMG into one of Australia’s top B2B sales prospecting companies.