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Don’t people hate Cold Callers?

Don’t people hate Cold Callers?

Don’t people hate Cold Callers?

It’s true that telemarketing cold calls received at home can be unwelcome. These B2C (Business to Consumer) telemarketing calls are usually selling consumer products such as life insurance or solar panels to people in their homes. And these calls most often take place at inconvenient times.

B2B (Business to Business) telemarketing calls are different. At FMG we primarily conduct B2B telemarketing calls. For these calls we are contacting key decision makers at work not at home. We act as an invisible extension of your business. And the business prospects we talk to don’t realise they are speaking to call centre agents. As far as the prospect knows, they are talking to a sales person from your business. Someone who is calling to introduce a solution to a problem they may be experiencing.

B2B cold calls are usually well received because we are calling a targeted list of decision makers who are likely to benefit from the solution we are calling to discuss with them.

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