How do you maintain quality and ensure that my brand will be protected?

How do you maintain quality and ensure that my brand will be protected?

Your brand is in safe hands with our mature and experienced sales agents who specialise in opening conversations and identifying business opportunities. We don’t just generate leads, but help to enhance your reputation and deliver a positive experience with every conversation we have.


At FMG our focus is on generating high-quality sales leads, ensuring your sales team are supplied with qualified prospects who are most likely to convert into sales.


We have many systems and processes in place to ensure that we protect our clients’ image and enhance their brand with every call:


  • We only recruit mature, motivated and experienced sales people and provide them with ongoing training and support to develop their abilities. Many of our agents have been with us for several years, creating a stable, high-performing team that deliver consistent high-quality results for our clients.
  • Our agents are all briefed by our clients and trained by our Sales Team Trainer. As we act as an extension of your sales or marketing team, we take a great deal of time at the start of a campaign to ensure we have a complete understanding of our client’s product or service and their business in general.
  • Our clients are usually in our office for the first shift of a campaign to ensure we are representing their company correctly and that our agents are able to handle objections and address questions in an appropriate manner.
  • Our Account Managers regularly listen into our agents’ calls to monitor their professionalism and results.
  • Our clients are welcome to come into the office and listen in on calls at any time if they have any concerns over our representation of their company, or even if they just want to hear what we are saying.
  • Our quality control process identifies any inaccuracies and ensures agents correctly represent our clients. We provide additional training if required.
  • Our agents generally stay with us for the long term and every employee is committed to our high ethical values and professional sales approach that enhances our clients’ brand and delivers consistently high-quality results.
  • For each lead, we provide a booking sheet that includes a feedback section where our clients can rate the accuracy of information, quality of lead, likelihood of converting into a sale and any other comments.
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