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How will you protect my brand?

How will you protect my brand?

How will you protect my brand?

Our clients brands are in safe hands with our mature and experienced call centre agents. Our agents are experts in opening conversations and identifying business opportunities. We don’t just generate leads, but we enhance our clients reputation. And deliver a positive experience with every conversation we have.

We only recruit mature, motivated and experienced agents. Our agents are supported by our management team, who provides ongoing training and support. Many of our agents have been with us for several years. This has created a stable, high-performing team who deliver consistent high-quality results for our clients.

Our systems and processes ensure our clients brand and reputation is upheld during every interaction.

These include:

  • The opportunity for all our clients to personally meet and brief their agents during the onboarding process.
  • Our Account Manager work with our clients to create a conversational based script. This script is approved by our clients before to any calling. Clients are welcome to make updates at any time during a campaign if needed.
  • Our clients and Account Managers work together to develop the campaign strategy document. This is used to train the agents on the products and services they are representing.
  • All clients are welcome to come into the office at any time. Whether they want to listen to calls, or provide additional training.
  • Our Sales Team Manager and Account Managers regularly listens to calls. This ensures content, representation and the outcomes match our clients expectations.
  • We have built in a Quality Control (QC) process to every campaign. QC quickly identifies areas where further training may be required.
  • Our Australian call centre agents are professional, mature and experienced. As a result of our high staff retention rates. We have a stable, high-performing team that deliver consistent results for our clients. Many of our agents have been with us for several years. As a result our clients have the confidence that we will deliver results over the long term. Every employee is committed to our high ethical values and professional sales approach.
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