How does FMG cleanse my data? - Forrest Marketing Group

How does FMG cleanse my data?

How does FMG cleanse my data?

How does FMG cleanse my data?

Telemarketing is a highly effective database cleansing strategy. Regularly cleansing data can build, update, refine and grow your database.

FMG’s team of telemarketers can assist with cleansing data through contacting records and confirming details. Furthermore they can capture new or additional data, gain an understanding of the prospects’ needs and identify sales opportunities.

Let FMG’s team of call centre agents call through your database. We will update company and contact details, re-qualify prospects and reactivate dormant accounts. Through doing this we turn your database into a valuable sales and marketing tool.

Database Cleansing can be a stand-alone project or form part of a lead generation or appointment setting campaign.

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