How long before we can expect to see results?

How long before we can expect to see results?

Successful telemarketing and lead generation campaigns rely on a consistent, ongoing program run over several months. However, the initial step is to demonstrate over a period of a few months that our telemarketing and lead generation strategy delivers the results you are looking for. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with our clients by demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy so that it extends into an ongoing program that provides a strong return on investment.


With prospects at so many different stages of the buying cycle, our advice would be to go into any outbound sales and marketing activity with the expectation that you can only truly measure its effectiveness after 12 months.


That said, you will start to see results from the first week. Appointments will start to be booked in from the first week (in many cases the very first shift) and many of our clients have seen fantastic results from our telemarketing and lead generation campaigns over a very short period.


Sales cycles vary dramatically and so the answer to this question will also be dictated by the length of your sales cycle.


You also need to consider that while a comprehensive lead generation program will also approach those prospects who are looking for your product or service, most prospects will not be at this point yet. Many will have not yet identified that they have a problem – they are just experiencing frustrations. Those who do realise they have a problem are unlikely to have done anything about this, or started to identify who can help them solve their problem. In other words, they are often at a very early stage in the buying cycle.


Working with an experienced lead generation partner can ensure warm leads are quickly separated from those that are not interested. They should also nurture and develop relationships with prospects over time and only pass leads over to you when they are ready for a more detailed sales conversation.

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