How many calls are made?

How many calls are made?

Every campaign is different. The number of phone calls made will depend on the length of conversation required and how easy it is to reach your target decision maker. The more successful the campaign, the more (and longer) conversations we are having. Therefore the lower our call rate will be.

As a guide, we will make between 15 and 25 calls per hour on an average campaign. We will present to a decision maker on around 25-33% of those calls.

Looking at an average pilot campaign. Our agents spend 128 hours on the phone and you can expect us to make between 1,900 and 3,200 telephone calls. We will present your company and product or service to between 500 and 1,150 decision makers.

Some clients like to view this looking at what happens each day. In a day of calling you can expect the following:

8 hours of work – over two 4-hour shifts. We may split this time over multiple days, to maximise productivity and best contact times.

An average of 120 to 160 calls (numbers dialled) per day. Depending on the strategy, length of conversation required and contact rates achieved.

On average 30 to 60 conversations with decision makers per day of calling. Depending on accuracy of data, level of seniority and target industries.

These expectations are based on the campaigns we have operated to date. The majority of campaigns fall within these ranges. However, every campaign is unique and results do vary. We can give a more accurate estimation, specific to your campaign, as we build your campaign strategy in the set-up process.

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