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How successful is phone based Lead Generation?

How successful is phone based Lead Generation?

How successful is phone based Lead Generation?

At FMG our phone based lead generation campaigns generate exceptional sales and marketing ROI. Our clients reported closing $18.51 in new sales for every $1 spent with FMG during 2017.

Phone based lead generation gives you a chance to build rapport with prospects who have not yet reached out. It allows you to speak to them before they do their online research and before they have considered alternatives. You will bring them into your sales funnel, building a sustainable, long term pipeline of opportunities.

And if you do this consistently, one person making lead generation calls each day, will present your business to over 10,000 new prospects each year.

And our results speak for themselves – for the last 7 years we have run our annual telemarketing survey, asking our clients about their experience with FMG and what results they have seen. Over the last 7 years, our clients have reported closed sales at the point of each survey totalling over $65 million.

FMG specialises in B2B lead generation services. We are proud to assist some of Australia’s best known brands with their lead management strategies. We know what works best for different industries and products, so we can design the best campaign for your business. It’s our flexibility in finding the right approach that makes us one of the top B2B lead generation companies in Australia.

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