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What is a B2C Telemarketing Campaign

What is a B2C Telemarketing Campaign

What is a B2C Telemarketing Campaign

B2C (Business to Consumer) telemarketing services involves calling consumers. This could be to sell them products and services, to gain their support and participation or to provide them with customer service.

Often these B2C telemarketing calls are received out of hours at home or to your mobile. Often in these cases they are unwelcome and intrusive. These B2C telemarketing calls are usually calling from un-targeted lists. As a result the telemarketer is attempting to sell products or services that the recipient has no interest in.

However there are some B2C campaigns that do work and are effective. In most cases these are the ones where the prospect is someone who already has a connection with your organisation. They could be a current customers, past customers or people who have previously made an enquiry with your organisation.

Customer service, customer surveys, customer reactivation and event booking campaigns are some of the more regular and successful B2C campaigns that FMG work on.

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