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What is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation?

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation builds brand awareness by presenting your brand to hundreds of key decision makers every week. As a result this brings new prospects into your sales funnel. Our lead generation services find new sales leads for your sales and marketing teams to nurture and convert into customers when they are ready to buy.

Our B2B lead generation campaigns will introduce your company to hundreds of potential prospects each week. Every phone call is an opportunity to present your product or service and stimulate interest. Our team of sales agents are experts at finding new sales leads, giving you a sales funnel full of new prospects to nurture and convert.

The main type of lead generation campaigns that FMG work on can be categorised as the following

Lead capture

FMG can add new sales leads to your sales pipeline.  Our sales agents can make contact with key decision makers within your target market, validate their contact details, as well as gain insights into their current business landscape.

Lead qualification

FMG can help to classify leads by the degree of willingness and readiness to buy.  Our sales agents can qualify leads from your database or add new qualified sales lead to your existing database.

Generating interest

FMG can generate interest and distribute content. Our sales agents can introduce a new product or service to an existing database or increase awareness of a solution within a new target group of companies. Email opt-in can be sought and content distributed.

Lead nurturing

FMG can develop relationships with your buyers at every stage of the sales funnel. Our sales agents listen to the prospects needs, providing the information and answers they require to move them through the sales funnel.

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