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What kind of Leads will I get?

What kind of Leads will I get?

What kind of Leads will I get?

The type of sales leads you will get will depend on the type of campaign and what outcomes you are looking for. The majority of campaigns Forrest Marketing Group run focus on the following

Appointment setting

Allows us to contact your prospects, pitch your business and book meetings for your sales team. Appointment setting campaigns save your sales team valuable time. This is because WE identify the prospects that meet your qualification criteria. This gets your sales team in front of more qualified sales opportunities, focusing on closing sales.

Lead generation

Builds brand awareness by presenting your brand to hundreds of key decision makers every week. As a result this brings new prospects into your sales funnel. Our lead generation services find new sales leads for your sales and marketing teams to nurture and convert into customers when they are ready to buy.


Allows us to sell your product or service directly over the phone. Outsourcing your telesales function to us saves you time, money and stress. Our expert agents can act as your outsourced sales team or expand your sales department to handle times of high demand.

Lead nurturing

Ensures leads progress through the sales funnel by engaging leads at different stages. Here we provide relevant information and strengthening relationships with buyers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Our expert sales agents can nurture your leads to maximise your sales conversion.

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