What sort of investment is required?

What sort of investment is required?

Every campaign is different – from the product or service on offer, through to who the decision maker is and how easy they are to reach. Therefore, costs for campaigns will also vary dramatically.


We generally start with a pilot campaign running for between three and six months and the aim of this campaign is to demonstrate over a period of time that our lead generation strategy delivers the results you are look for. Our aim is always to build a long-term relationship with our clients by demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy so that it extends into an ongoing program that provides a strong return on investment.


Once we understand your campaign and take a brief from you, we can give you an indicative cost for different levels of campaigns, allowing you the flexibility to choose what you think will work best. Of course we will provide guidance but the final decision is yours.


That being said, our long-term clients have seen fantastic results from our telemarketing and lead generation campaigns. Each year we survey our clients to assess the effectiveness of our telemarketing campaigns – in the 2016 survey our clients expected that for every $1 spent with us they would receive $18.22 in revenue.

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