Why would I choose FMG as my outsourced lead generation partner?

Why would I choose FMG as my outsourced lead generation partner?

Outbound lead generation requires specialist skills to get past the gatekeeper and engage with the decision maker. All our sales agents are selected for their conversation skills. They are experts at starting conversations and uncovering opportunities. They view every phone call as a new challenge and don’t get disheartened when faced with rejection.


We invest a lot of management time to train, mentor and support our agents to develop their skills. We have created a fun and results-focused environment, which constantly encourages our agents to improve and achieve great results. Our agents work together sharing ideas and strategies to help each other develop and succeed.


Our agents have experience in a vast range of roles, companies and industries, giving us the ability to assign agents to campaigns best suited to their skill set.


We celebrate each agent’s successes and they are rewarded with performance bonuses. Targets and bonuses are weighted according to the difficulty of the campaign so there is always a level playing field. Each agent’s results are announced daily, creating a competitive culture that recognises individual achievements.


Campaign results are reviewed after every shift and weekly to monitor KPIs and to ensure we are achieving the best results for each client. If we are not achieving the results we expect we will contact you to discuss possible reasons and suggest changes to the campaign structure to improve the results.


We are focused on creating long-term relationships with our clients and understand this can only be achieved by consistently providing our clients with great results.

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