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We support your marketing initiatives with our agents delivering the right message at the right time to your customers. Our call centre agents are the secret superheroes behind our clients’ success. Representing some of Australia’s best-known brands, our team is highly skilled and trained to promote your brand with every conversation they have.

One of the biggest challenges facing marketing departments today is engaging customers and prospects in a crowded market. We partner with you to creating personalised calls, promoting your brand and creating engaging customer experiences.

We tailor a strategy to support your marketing programs and achieve your objectives. Our agents are experts at creating engaging and effective customer experiences, assisting to create long-term brand loyalty. Over the years we have supported many marketing projects across a range of industries.

Our Services for Marketing Teams

Customer Engagement

Ensuring regular contact once a client has purchased from you is essential to maintain long-term relationships. We tailored a customer engagement campaign to meet your specific needs. Not only can we identify hidden sales opportunities to grow your business. In addition, we can provide in-depth insights and build valuable information about your clients.

Market Research

Through a customised market research campaign, we help you better understand your clients, their preferences, opinions and usual behaviours. We operate as an independent 3rd party ensuring respondents are more honest and open. All the data we collect is stored securely and confidentially. Additionally, we have quality checks in place ensuring accurate and reliable data is being captured.

Customer Reactivation

Every database contains lists of clients who haven’t bought from you recently. Let us call your dormant accounts for you. We can amend contact details, provide details on products and services, and answer any questions they may have. Our team are experts at rebuilding customer relationships. We then pass them back to you when they are ready for a new sales conversation.

Lead Generation

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is getting their sales team in front of enough new prospects. We extend your market reach and build brand awareness through presenting your product or service to hundreds of key decision-makers every week. As a result, we open up new sales channels to your team.

Appointment Setting

Our appointment setting services save you time, money and stress. Our quality systems and purpose built technology ensures all appointments generated meet your specified qualification criteria. When your sales team are meeting with more qualified sales leads, you get to have more fun closing sales.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing campaigns ensure the many prospects interested in your products or services, but not yet ready to buy, stay in your pipeline. We provide a systematic lead nurturing process. Through personal conversations we maintain regular contact with your database of prospects, providing a long-term sustainable sales pipeline.

FMG Customer Engagement case studies

Read our Spotlight on Outsourced Customer Engagement. Learn how we support marketing teams through strengthening their marketing initiatives and engaging with their customers.

Our Service Supports Business Growth

“We needed to work with someone our prospects were going to trust right from when they take the first phone call.”

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Our clients chose FMG because we are lead generation experts. They stay with us because we deliver exceptional results. Each week we make thousands of sales calls, generating millions of dollars of new sales leads for our clients.

“Partnering with FMG meant we could really drive our business as we had the right people doing the right things.”

“It’s reassuring for me to know if I am busy, there is someone else working on keeping our sales pipeline full.”

“With FMG you get a professional product and you get it all the time.”

“The results that FMG get are easily the best that we have ever seen.”

Our Clients’ Results

Read our Case Studies to learn how we can support your business growth.

Our proven approach delivers exceptional results and helps our clients achieve their sales and marketing targets.

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