Case study Vodafone and Forrest Marketing Group

Customer Reactivation Case Study

Vodafone Australia provides mobile voice, text and data services to more than 5.7 million customers across Australia. As Vodafone was about to launch a new service, they wanted to engage with previous clients. The idea was to call past clients, promote the new services and try to win them back as customers.

Call Hours


Sales Leads


The Requirement

Vodafone approached FMG with the aim of reconnecting with previous corporate clients. This was to be done through relationship building telephone calls. The key focus for Vodafone was on the quality of the conversation and the information gathered on the phone call. Vodafone wanted FMG to focus on the positive reinforcement of their brand.

Our campaign strategy was designed with the following objectives:

  • A focus on rebuilding relationships. To be done through honest conversation. This included obtaining feedback on their previous experience.
  • Promoting new services as well as communicating infrastructure improvements.
  • Updating customer records and gaining opt-in for future email marketing.
  • Generating interest and booking appointments for the Vodafone sales team. The sales team could then re-engage these warm prospects to win them back.


The Results

Over a 3 month initial partnership, FMG conducted over 1,440 hours of calls for Vodafone. Our call centre agents spoke with over 7,100 decision makers. We booked more than 360 appointments with decision makers at companies whose mobile phone contracts were about to expire.

The decision makers at an additional 2,000 companies whose contracts were expiring in the future were also identified. Follow up calls to these people were scheduled for a future date. The idea was to call them and set an appointment with them at a time closer to the contract expiry date.

Of the 7,100 decision makers contacted, over 3,350 were identified as a sales lead. Either an immediate or future / longer term sales lead. Appointments were booked for the immediate sales leads. And for future sales leads and nuture plan was implemented with a future call scheduled.

Thousands of records were also updated with correct information. Additionally an email marketing list for lead nurturing was created.

As a result of our open door policy, Vodafone management were able to visit our office. They met their agents, provide training, listen to calls and provide immediate feedback. This was invaluable for both parties. It gave Vodafone confidence in our approach. Additionally it gave our team insight into Vodafone and their plans enabling us to further improve the strategy. This close partnership ensured the best results were achieved.

As a result of the successful customer reactivation campaign, Vodafone chose to work with us on a new customer acquisition campaign.