Management Team

Andy Watts

Account Manager

Andy’s background is in television where he spent over twenty years as an award-winning showrunner and executive producer. His experience in delivering quality and excellent attention to detail ensure that Andy’s campaigns achieve measurable success for his clients.

Andy has worked with FMG since 2018, delivering great results on some of our toughest campaigns, so he understands what makes a successful campaign for our clients.  Andy’s focus is on helping clients to grow their business by delivering campaigns that exceed expectations, generating results that are sustained in the long-term.

Richard Forrest MANAGING DIRECTOR of Forrest Marketing Group

Richard Forrest

Managing Director

Richard has managed and coached sales teams around the world. In 2006 Richard started Forrest Marketing Group to surround himself with a team of people who were equally passionate about sales.

Richard is the author of The Ultimate Guide to B2B Sales Prospecting which details the 4 steps to unlock your hidden market. Richard’s proven approach to sales prospecting has been the basis of FMG’s success and as a result FMG have generated millions of dollars of new business for our clients.

For more information about Richard, please visit his website


Chris Justice

Call Centre Team Manager

Chris heads up our team of call centre agents. Bringing with him extensive sales, training and leadership experience across many industries. Chris started his career on the phones before progressing to a leadership position. Therefore Chris really understands first-hand the challenges facing our call centre agents.

With a focus on training and mentoring, Chris focuses on continual improvement of the team. Ensuring our agents are confident, competent and capable when representing our clients on the phone. Chris gets great output from the team by creating a fun, dynamic and competitive culture which recognises results and celebrates achievements.


Charmaine Higgins

Sales Manager

Charmaine is an experienced Sales Manager and has spent 20 years working with companies in a diverse range of industries including IT, Automotive, and FMCG. Having established and managed outsourced inside-sales teams in previous roles she has excellent knowledge on how to deliver an outsourced telemarketing/lead generation solution.

Charmaine will work closely with you to understand your business and pain points to ensure your campaign has a measurable and successful outcome.

Sales Manager Charmaine Higgins from Forrest Marketing Group
Matt Di Micco Forrest Marketing Group

Matt Di Micco

Account Manager

Matt has over twenty years’ experience in sales and sales management. He has led and managed B2B sales teams in multiple industries and at FMG, he is responsible for managing our clients’ campaigns to ensure that client experience and campaign performance meet and exceed expectations.

Matt has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, and he uses this business background to make ensure that FMG places a strong emphasis on campaign process and consistency.


Alex Kamel

Senior Account Manager

Having completed a Degree in Combined Studies, Alex started working with our sister company, Air Marketing, in the UK. Interested in international opportunities, Alex became the first member of our employee exchange programme.

Alex has progressed within FMG from Business Development Agent to Account Manager and has established a strong reputation for producing high-quality results on the campaigns he manages. Alex’s extensive knowledge of the process of the lead generation process and his ability to support and train agents has delivered consistent results for FMG’s campaigns.


Porscha Epiha

Account Manager

With 20 years of Sales and Marketing Leadership experience, customer engagement is the cornerstone of Porscha’ professional success. Her background is across a diverse range of industries including Health & Fitness, Project Management, Telecommunications, Education, Not for Profit Charity Organisations, Residential, Commercial and Retail Property.

Porscha has an upbeat focus on success-based outcomes for her clients through strategically pointed support, delivering long term results and campaigns that thrive.


Hannah Brenegan

Account Manager

Hannah is an industry award-nominated sales professional with a background in print and digital media. After spending the last few years working with some of the world’s biggest luxury brands, she knows what makes a successful campaign.

Hannah is passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals through strong partnerships with FMG and is motivated by the opportunity to contribute to our clients’ ongoing success.


Erin Christie

Junior Account Manager

Erin completed a Bachelor Of Media-Communications at Macquarie University in 2014. Over the last few years, Erin has been immersed in the events industry, coordinating and managing domestic and international events.

Erin’s experience in sales, account management and planning ensures nothing slips through the gaps. Highly organized and driven to succeed, Erin works methodically in the background on-boarding new accounts, setting up campaigns and monitoring campaign results.


Jaimee Stewart

Call Centre Team Leader

Jaimee has worked in high performing sales and lead generation teams for 13 years. She brings with her extensive sales, training and leadership experience across many industries.

Jaimee supports our team of agents, helping them succeed and creating our high-performance sales culture. She achieves this through consistent training and coaching strategies for our agents.



John Lex

Manager, Inbound Customer Service Team

John has worked in high performing sales, lead generation and administration teams for over 25 years. He brings with him extensive sales, training and leadership experience across many industries and companies.

John started with FMG in 2016 within the outbound Lead Generation Team, and now manages the Inbound Customer Service Team providing customer service overflow for our clients.

John focuses on improving communications with our clients so they can focus on their company growth and confidently leave the business of customer service to FMG.

John - Customer Support Manager
Andrey Sagunov Forrest Marketing Group

Andrey Sagunov

Marketing Specialist

Andrey has extensive international experience in digital and traditional marketing for both the B2B & B2C markets. Andrey has worked across many industries and he is responsible for developing our online and offline presence. He manages all of FMG’s marketing, PR, media and communications.

Andrey also supports our Account Managers and Sales Team, providing them with insights and guidance on how best to market our clients to their target markets. Andrey’s background and experience allow him to deliver revenue growth, whilst maintaining a focus on cost reduction, process improvement and increased brand awareness.


Owen Richards

Managing Director – Air Marketing Group

Owen was FMG’s Operations Manager for eight years. Over this time Owen designed over 1,500 telemarketing and lead generation campaigns.

Owen returned to the UK to launch our sister company, Air Marketing Group in February 2016. The new office gives FMG the ability to provide telemarketing and call centre services to our international clients.



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