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FMG is Australia’s leading telemarketing service provider, delivering B2B telemarketing services to help businesses achieve their targets.

We support sales and marketing teams by promoting their brand, connecting with their prospects and generating sales leads.


Our Australia-based team of telemarketing agents are experts at starting conversations, building rapport and finding new sales opportunities.

We uncover hundreds of qualified sales leads each week, resulting in millions of dollars of new business for our clients each year.


Our telemarketing services provide an incredibly versatile and effective way to connect with your prospects and engage your customers.

Telemarketing is the only form of direct marketing which allows personalised communication with key decision-makers to understand their needs and present customised solutions.

Benefits of Telemarketing Services

Find new prospects

Telemarketing is a proactive sales approach to find new prospects and promote your products or services rather than relying on your prospects to find you.

Interactive & Personal

Telemarketing enables you to personalise your message, build rapport, understand your prospects’ pain and customise solutions to suit their needs.

Generate Leads & Appointments

Immediate feedback allows you to understand needs, assess interest, overcome objections and qualify prospects to generate sales leads or appointments.

Boost Sales & brand awareness

Every conversation is an opportunity to build trust, promote your brand, nurture leads, guide prospects through your funnel and close sales.

Telemarketing generates sales

Watch our video to learn how FMG helps businesses find new leads and generate more sales.
“At FMG, we love cold calling. We generate qualified sales leads that convert into business.”

Telemarketing easy to track ROI

Watch how our online client portal makes it easy for you to track activity and monitor results so you can easily calculate your return on investment.
“FMG’s client portal gives you access to live updates and reporting, providing key metrics to measure results.”

Telemarketing builds a pipeline of sales leads

Read our Telemarketing Services Case study and learn how we helped Jayex break into the Australian market and introduce new technical solutions to the healthcare industry.
“Our whole business is built on trust, so for us, it’s not just about making the sale because we sell ongoing services. Our prospects need to be able to trust us from that first phone call, so we needed to work with a company that can build that trust.”
Case Study_Jayex_694x520

Starting Your Telemarking Services is easy

Your Account Manager will work with you to:

  • Understand your business needs and objectives
  • Design a customised campaign strategy to meet your objectives
  • Identify the companies and decision-makers to contact
  • Develop your value proposition and pitch
  • Write a conversation-based sales script
  • Brief our operations team and telemarketing agents
  • Book training sessions with your designated agents
  • Create your Online Portal and campaign reporting

Telemarketing Generates Results

Telemarketing Case Study

“We needed to work with someone our prospects were going to trust right from when they take the first phone call.”

Watch our client Videos

Our clients chose FMG because we are telemarketing experts. They stay with us because we deliver exceptional results.

Each week we make thousands of sales calls, generating millions of dollars of new sales opportunities for our clients.

“Partnering with FMG meant we could really drive our business as we had the right people doing the right things.”

Lead Generation Lead Nurturing Case Study

“It’s reassuring for me to know if I am busy, there is someone else working on keeping our sales pipeline full.”

Lead Generation Case Study

“With FMG you get a professional product and you get it all the time.”

Outbound Lead Generation Appointment Setting Case Study

“The results that FMG get are easily the best that we have ever seen.”

Telemarketing Supports Sales & Marketing

FMG partner with Sales and Marketing Teams, expanding their resources and strengthening their initiatives.  We provide a full range of contact centre services to help you achieve your Sales and Marketing targets.

We Work For Your Sales Team

Our agents can work as your complete outsourced sales department or expand your sales team when you require additional resources or expertise.

We Support Your Marketing Team

We support your marketing initiatives by delivering the right message at the right time to your customer database. Representing some of Australia’s best-known brands, our call centre agents are highly skilled and trained to promote your brand with every conversation.

Telemarketing Services Enable

Lead Generation

Appointment Setting

Lead Nurturing

Our Clients’ Results

Read our Case Studies to learn how we can support your business growth.
Our proven approach delivers exceptional results and helps our clients achieve their sales and marketing targets.

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